“Dog Days” of Summer 2016


Today’s word of the day is “cur”.

Dictionary.com defines “cur” as a mongrel dog, especially a worthless or unfriendly one.

Mirriam-webster.com’s definition is this: a dog that is a mix of different breeds.  A low, bad, or disliked dog.

Thefreedictionary.com gives two definitions.  (1) a dog considered to be inferior or undesirable; a mongrel. And (2) a base or cowardly person.

Evidently, I have a ‘cur’.  – an inferior, undesirable, base and cowardly, unfriendly “bitch” of a tumor.

The most recent CT scans from July 5th show a “halo” (not my first choice of word) of new growth on the outside of my necrotic tumors in my liver.  So, I now, officially have a reCURrence.  This just means we are refocused and reenergized in the fight.  We have added back the chemo in the pump – we haven’t used the pump to deliver chemo since October.  And, we changed the systemic chemo from gemcitabine to irinotecan.  Thanks to the continued trial schedule, Memorial Sloan and Dr. Kemeny, we caught this recurrence early and there are no other areas of growth noted at this time.

I love dogs.  But I have a healthy respect for them.  I remember being bitten by a yippy Pikapoo  (NOT a Pikachu`….. ) when I was young, while visiting one of my Mammaw’s neighbors.  I believe that dog, who was generally known to NOT be a ‘nice’ dog, was afraid of me.  That biting reaction is almost expected in that case.  Likewise, when these tumors occasionally “bite” me, I know they’re afraid – and they should be.  It’s easy to fear barking dogs.  The only way to communicate with them is with calm, slow and consistent manipulations, clear objectives, building trust.

Now, don’t’ let this news worry you or make you sad.  Join me in seeing every day as bright and ready – full of opportunities to share hope and love with everyone you come into contact with.  Share your story, but listen to those around you. Don’t fear the “barking dogs”, the “curs”.  They need your fearless attention and care.

Give hope.  Model joy.  BE love.   Throw the dogs some hush puppies, and earn their trust. Then you can control them and put them in their place.

In other news, if you’re in the Richmond area and are looking for a fun evening of music and laughter, come hear my story, “Because I Can, Sir!” on Sunday, August 14th at 7 pm at Tabernacle Baptist Church in the Fan.  I’ve attached a flyer with the information.  Hope to see some of you there!

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