“One Day More” 10/17/15 journal 


Try this.  Wherever you are, stand up and do the following mini-choreography.  Start with feet parallel (together).  Take one step forward with your Rt. Foot, then step back with weight on your left, where you left it.  Step your Rt. Foot back behind your Left, transfer weight to that foot, then shift weight back to your Left.  That’s 4 counts.  (R, L, R, L)  Repeat sequence as long as you want.  You’ll notice you’re not moving ahead.  (And no, it’s not the Hokey Pokey, no turning around and shaking!)

Last week was that kind of week.  I’ve been on treatments for over 6 months now.  Everything has been working well and I have only minimal side effects.  Always staying positive – that is still the key.  Then, it hit.  We’re still not sure what “it” was, but a few hours after my Richmond chemo, I had chills and a fever that climbed to 102.  I had to spend Tuesday through Friday in the hospital for blood cultures and IV antibiotics.  Fever was gone right after I got to the hospital but WBC count dropped after I was admitted.  We may have caught a virus early on, but all tests came back negative.  The timing of all this meant I couldn’t go back to Louisiana for my niece, Emily’s wedding. The good news that week, was my MRI scans came back with good news of more (albeit small) shrinkage in the 2 liver tumors.  I get home from the hospital, that’s a positive step, but I’m weaker for a few days.  My WBC count is way up (thanks to the shots to stimulate that), but all my bones and joints hurt while they were working overtime.  Now, I’m back to feeling better, but a little wary of my upcoming next chemo on Tuesday.  If my WBC count is still up, I’m good to go.  It’s difficult knowing one little fever can ‘set me back’ a week.  SO, like this dance step, one foot forward, and then back. But, the important part of this is to keep moving.

Now, here’s a performing note about using this ‘choreography’.  If all you do with this ‘dance’ is the footwork, you’re going to look like your left foot is stuck in goo.  What makes this a powerful and iconic piece of choreography is the attitude and body energy required to make this worthy of a revolution.  With chest held high, shoulders squared and purpose and energy in fisted arms, this ‘marching in place’ becomes a powerful commitment and declaration.  “Tomorrow we’ll be far away, Tomorrow is the Judgement Day; Tomorrow we’ll discover what our God in Heaven has in store! One more dawn, One more Day, One Day More”!

Let us all decide to be “less miserable” this week.

I love you all, and thank you for your thoughts, prayers and love! J


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