Ready or not, here we come! “Tour”schedule for 2018/19- to date.

Tomorrow’s show at St. James’s Episcopal in Richmond is in final prep stages.  I’m printing programs as I write this. I’m also “fluffing” the tablecloths I use for the wig song in the dryer – which is handily located in my tiny office.  🙂

I have been blessed in the last couple of months to be able to ‘book’ my show in several locations, so I thought I’d compile a list.  If you see one in a location near you, please know I’d love for you to come.  If you DON’T see one in a location near you, AND you’d like to….. please contact me for info on how to book this show.  I’m really cheap…. but never in the ‘easy’ sense. HA! 🙂

Here’s the schedule:

July 25th – Richmond, Virginia   St. James’s Episcopal Church. 7:00pm

September 7th – Roanoke, Virginia – the Rescue Mission of Roanoke 4:00 and 6:30 and Sept. 8th, Our Lady of Nazareth 7:30 pm

((POSTPONED TO SPRING ’19))  October 14th – Washington, DC – the Peoples Congregational Church

October 21 and 22 – Richmond, Virginia – Firehouse Theatre (Sunday 21, 4 pm, Monday 22, 7:30 pm) Tickets at  through brown paper tickets.  $15 in advance, $20 at door.

November 4th – (near) Texarkana, TX – First Baptist, Wake Village, Texas

January 23rd, 2019 – Richmond, Virginia – The Woman’s Club (Bolling-Haxall House)


We change the ‘show’ a little each time we do it.  Sometimes, it’s 45 minutes in length, other times, it’s up to 90 minutes long.  Some of these will include “talk-backs” afterward.  Some will have more comedy and even improv included.  All include audience participation with sing-along opportunities.

Well, the tablecloths are done.  Why not iron them, you ask?  It’s a health hazard – having nothing to do with cancer.  I’m just dangerously clutzy with HOT things.  And SHARP things.  [[insert your own joke about my husband here….]]  Love you, Babe! 🙂

Guess I better go practice now….   Hope to see many of you tomorrow night at 7 in Richmond.

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