Sinking Sand (a short poem by Susan)

Sinking Sand
To live in the “uncertain”
       Is certainly unkind.
The “what-ifs” and the “why nows”
       Are the cancer of your mind.
Don’t dwell in shadows of the past
       When life was sure and grand.
The ground beneath, once stable
So, lift your heads, your heart and hands
       To God above and pray –
Life is not about tomorrow,
       It’s how you love and live – TODAY            

                   by Susan R Braden on 4/20/19  (which was NOT today...)


  1. Hi Susan,
    My husband has been dealing with cancer for 10 years now, and he’s starting a new treatment today – and immunotherapy type drug called “Provenge”. I must show him this poem you shared today. Wonderful!


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